Welcome to Angela Luna, Founder of ADIFF

ADIFF Selected as Inaugural Resident of The Manufacture Foundation

ADIFF and The Manufacture Foundation are pleased to announce Adiff’s selection as inaugural resident at The Manufacture Foundation.

The socially conscious startup, founded by 2016 Parsons graduate and Womenswear Designer of the Year winner, Angela Luna, will commence an in-house residency with The Foundation providing fiscal sponsorship of the brand, in addition to development, support and advisement on product development, sourcing and production of the first Adiff collection.

Adiff is a humanitarian fashion brand dedicated to addressing global issues through design, driving innovation, and performing large scale donations. Created in response to the current refugee crisis, the startup offers designed solutions that respond to one or more issues a refugee faces on a daily basis. The brand combines awareness and practical application, by utilizing a business model that allows a portion of proceeds to go towards donations to refugees.

"It's incredibly exciting to commence my residency with The Manufacture Foundation. I'm hoping to gain the tools and skills necessary to create and run a fashion enterprise. It's all about laying the foundation for an ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible business. With advisement and support from the Foundation, Adiff will be able to move forward from a one collection thesis, to fully-formed brand,” said Angela Luna, CEO of Adiff.

The Manufacture Foundation's mission is to develop and implement innovative, inclusive programs that allow diverse, underserved urban populations to create and build businesses in apparel, textiles and wearable technology.

Built on the past 4 years of effort to create a transformative, equitable ecosystem for New York City's fashion designers, manufacturers, makers and entrepreneurs; the Foundation was established in March 2015, and received federal 501(c)3 nonprofit designation in March 2016 to further subsidized incubation, public education, workforce training and affordable space for manufacturing through non-profit activities with a consortium of public-private partnerships.

“We are so proud to welcome Angela Luna of Adiff as our inaugural resident of The Manufacture Foundation. Her inspiring line blends a social mission, innovative design and a transparent supply chain to benefit refugees in need throughout the world. We also look forward to building workforce training programs together to support local refugee populations,” said Bob Bland, founding director of The Manufacture Foundation.

For more information, visit www.adiff.com, and support Adiff’s campaign on Crowdrise: https://www.crowdrise.com/mnyfoundation