ADIFF Residency at The Manufacture Foundation



Angela Luna is a graduate from the Parsons Class of 2016, and winner of the Womenswear Designer of the Year Award and Eyes on Talents Innovation Award. At only 22 years old, she is a social entrepreneur, designer, and founder of the humanitarian brand Adiff, which focuses on using innovative design to solve global issues. Made to assist refugees, the collection is comprised of unisex and one-size convertible outerwear. Each jacket responds to one or more issues that a refugee faces on a daily basis, including lack of shelter and sleep, overseas journeys, too much or not enough visibility, and traveling with children.

This brand challenges the existing identity of the fashion industry, while also providing innovative and highly responsive designs to those in need. It generates social and global awareness, using an unexpected and unprecedented platform as a movement for change, and transforming it into a leading industry in philanthropic initiatives. Through widespread donations, she sees the potential for design to make a difference in the lives of the other 90%. She is dedicated to being a leading innovator in solution-based design, generating products that better the world.


1) Is it a solution? 
2) Is it innovative? 
3) Will it help?

This is the mission of Adiff, a new humanitarian fashion brand that is dedicated to addressing global issues through design, driving innovation, and performing large scale donations. Created in response to the current refugee crisis, each garment offers a designed solution for one or more issues that refugees face on a daily basis. The clothing is unisex and one-size, with jackets that serve multiple purposes, and are also functional, durable, weatherproof, and prepared to be worn in numerous environments.

With any purchase from the brand, a portion of proceeds will go towards donations to refugees. Based on a donation-driven business model, the goal is to repurpose the money that comes into the fashion industry and redirect it towards supporting humanitarian initiatives. Woven within our mission is a focus on transparent, ethical, and sustainable production. The brand not only assists refugees, but also creates awareness and education about the global issue itself, using fashion as the medium.